Idaho Workers Compensation

If you are injured in a work-related accident in Idaho, you are entitled to certain benefits, including accident-related medical expenses, temporary income loss benefits, and potentially permanent disability and retraining benefits.

Although the workers compensation in Idaho is supposed to provide sure and certain relief in the form of medical treatment and income loss replacement, the unfortunate truth is that workers compensation insurance companies increase profits by minimizing the benefits paid to injured workers. This comes in the form of denying claims that should be accepted, delaying the payment of income loss, and denying medical care based on opinions of physicians hired by the insurance company.

If your claim has been denied, or if your employer’s insurance carrier has requested you attend a medical examination with a physician of their choosing, it is time to retain an experienced workers compensation lawyer.

At Thompson Law Group, we aggressively advocate for victims of work injuries in Idaho by obtaining independent and objective opinions from physicians and vocational rehabilitation experts to maximize the value of your claim. Our philosophy is to aggressively prepare your claim for hearing with the Industrial Commission, while also exploring settlement options that fit your best interest.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If you receive a permanent physical impairment rating and physical restrictions from an injury, you may be entitled to permanent vocational disability benefits. Your employer’s insurance company will not inform you that you may be entitled to receive disability benefits, and you need an experienced workers compensation attorney to obtain the maximum value of these benefits.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer in Boise, Idaho

An experienced workers compensation lawyer will help you navigate a system that can be confusing and overwhelming. Litigating workers compensation claims is what we do. Don’t let an the workers’ compensation insurance carrier deny and delay benefits you are legally entitled to under Idaho law.

Contact Jason Thompson for a free consultation today. Our representation and fee is on a contingent basis, meaning we do not charge hourly and if there is no recovery, you owe us nothing as an attorney fee.

Free Consultation

You have rights if you are injured at work. This includes the ability to dispute the findings of physicians hired by your employer’s insurance company.  Speak directly with an attorney today to discuss and explore the benefits relating to your claim. Let us evaluate your options in obtaining maximum value for your claim. Contact Thompson Law Group at 208-342-7880 or e-mail us: