Idaho Workers' Compensation

Navigating court systems can be overwhelming and confusing.

If you are injured in a work – related accident in Idaho, then you are entitled to benefits including: accident – related medical expenses, temporary income loss benefits, and potentially permanent disability and retraining benefits.

Workers’ compensation in Idaho is supposed to provide relief in the form of medical treatment and income loss replacement. Unfortunately in many cases what ends up happening is that insurance companies will attempt to increase their profits by minimizing the benefits paid to injured workers’. This comes in the form of: denying claims, delaying payments, and denying medical care based on the opinions of physicians hired by the insurance company.

If your claim has been denied, or if your employer’s insurance carrier has requested you attend a medical examination with a physician of their choosing, then it is time to hire an attorney from Thompson Law Group who has experience with workers’ compensation.

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What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

In Idaho, an injured worker is entitled to receiving workers’ compensation insurance. Idaho has a mandatory insurance program that is meant for those who were injured at their job to be compensated for their medical bills and lost wages.

How is Workers’ Compensation Covered?

Workers’ Compensation is a mandatory insurance program designed to assist employees who have been injured at work. Anyone who sustained an injury is eligible for coverage. Both public and private employers who have one or more employees are required to have a workers’ compensation policy in place, should an accident occur at work. The amount is based on payroll and how risky the occupation is. Per Idaho Law, the employer is required to pay the entire cost of coverage and cannot deduct any payments from an employee’s wages.

Who is Not Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

The following workers are not eligible to receive compensation benefits:

  • Household domestic workers
  • Family members residing in the employer’s home
  • Sole proprietors
  • Employees covered under Federal Workers’ Compensation laws
  • Real estate brokers paid by commission 
  • Volunteer ski patrols
  • Casual employees

Permanent Disability Benefits

If you received a permanent physical impairment resulting from an injury, you may be entitled to permanent vocational disability benefits. Your employer’s insurance company will not inform you that you may be entitled to receive disability benefits. Here at Thompson Law, we will make sure to obtain the maximum value of these benefits.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Having an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help you navigate a confusing and overwhelming system is important to winning a settlement. Do not allow the workers’ compensation insurance carriers to deny and delay your benefits that you are legally entitled to under Idaho Law. Contact Jason Thompson for a free consultation today. Our representation fee is on a contingent basis.

  • I was having issues with my worker’s comp insurance involving an injury that that required more coverage than they were willing to pay out. They hired an “objective” doctor who was 900 miles away and never saw me, but still claimed my injury had no permanent damage and wasn’t caused at work, resulting in worker’s comp turning down my claim. Jason handled my case with the utmost professionalism, as well as got me a settlement from worker’s comp. We all hope our insurance companies do the right thing, but sometimes they don’t and we need someone on our side to keep them honest. I hope to never have to go through something like this again, but if I do, I’d 100% hire Jason again.

    thumb Osama Mohamed
    April 19, 2021

    I was injured at work in February 2017. The day following my injury the surgeon advised me that I had a long road ahead of me. I knew I needed an attorney to help me with the obstacles ahead of me. Jason Thompson was highly recommended to me. WHAT A BLESSING! My injury required 5 surgeries, physical therapy, medication for 1 year at $4,000.00 a month and monthly appointments with the surgeon. Every time I was faced with an issue, Jason assured me that he would handle it and I would be ok. He did and I was!! Jason knows the laws and the process the system follows. I can't thank Jason enough for his support and guidance for 3 1/2 years!

    thumb Kathryn Salfingere
    November 16, 2020

    Very professional , great communication. . Most importantly Jason Thompson , was honest , straight forward and knowledgeable.

    thumb Stephanie Oliver
    November 21, 2019
  • A superlative team at Thompson Law Group. Jason Thompson is smart, dedicated and practical. I interviewed many attorneys before choosing representation and never regretted my decision to put Mr Thompson's experience and legal savvy to work on my behalf. Genuine, consistent and persistent, he's on top of his game. Look no further.

    thumb Joel Santarone
    February 22, 2021

    I can't say enough good things about Jason Thompson and the staff at Thompson Law Group. Jason and his staff were caring, proactive and easy to work with after being in a car accident here in Boise. The staff took care of everything for me while I focused on healing. They maintained great communication and sent weekly updates throughout the whole process. Highly recommend using Thompson Law if you are looking for an attorney.

    thumb Paige Harris
    April 20, 2021


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